Tips To Give Multiple Orgasms

Having a good orgasm is like a good climax to a movie. If it is not there, the whole point of watching the movie is useless. When it comes to sex and orgasms, women and men are very different.  It is a known fact that men get orgasms very easily, but for women, it is a bit difficult as it involves a little bit of effort. Not getting a proper orgasm is one of the common complaints that you will get from women. In this article, we will see some tips that will help in getting multiple orgasms.

Creating sexual tension

Building the desire is one of the key things to indulge in before getting into the real action. This is one trick that can really work like magic when it comes to getting multiple orgasms. It is because getting an orgasm is not just a biological thing. There are a lot of emotions involved in it. Hence creating a sexual tension will contribute a lot to get multiple orgasms.

Keep her idling

Put all the effort for the first orgasm. After that take your time and give her female part a small break. In the meantime you can indulge in various other activities like creasing, kissing and all sorts of things. This will help her to catch some breath and get ready for the next session. There are a few who might want to rush, but the generally giving some break will help in getting good and multiple orgasms.

Concentrate more on sensitive areas

We all know that men give a lot of attention to one particular part of the women’s body. There are no second thoughts on the fact that it deserves all the attention. But that does not mean that the rest of the body should be left alone. When it comes to women, there are a lot of sensitive areas. Just kissing and creasing these parts will contribute a lot to a great sex experience. By indulging in these activities, there are good possibilities that she will get multiple orgasms.

Try something new

It is ok to stick on the routine that works well for both. But sex is all about experimenting and exploring things. The excitement of trying a new thing will itself contribute a lot for the orgasms. It does not matter whether it is going to be successful or not. But it is essential to take a break from the routine and try out new stuff.

Do in positions that concentrate on the G spots

There are a lot of sex positions that will make get god orgasms because the position concentrates on her G spot. Some of the positions include women on top and doggy style. It is said that while doing in these positions secretes an enzyme called the dopamine that helps to get faster and better orgasms.