Tips for Rough Sex – Carousel Farms Guide101

If you are a person, who is thinking that hardcore sex or rough sex is a thing that belongs to porn and its performers, you absolutely wrong. Rough and hardcore sex can also be done by you with your sex partner. There are a lot of people who love having hardcore and rough sex once in a while. It actually spices up your sex life and keeps the spark alive.

There are a few things that you need to know before indulging in these things. The first one is that it should be done only with the consent of your sex partner. The second one is that is it is not a daily thing. It will be great if done once in a while. In this article, we will see some tips for rough sex.


Get dominant

Generally, it is the man who will dominate woman during sex. But if you want to make things rough, it will be great if the woman can dominate. All you need to do is take the lead and do the things that a man would do to a woman like spanking and pulling his hair. These are some of the simple and easy ways to be dominant which will definitely excite the guys.

Leave mark

The aggressiveness can be shown in many ways. One of the common ways through which things can get rough and hardcore is by giving a love byte and giving a hard scratch on the back. This actually motivates the man and makes him do a lot of crazy things.  If you communicate it through your action, there will definitely be an equal and very good responsive reaction to it.

Grab his hair

It is one of the normal things that guys do to their sex partner especially when they are doing it in the doggy style. But it is not a wrong thing to do to them. But at the same time make sure that you begin it slowly and then make it rough. The one trick that has worked for many men is to grab their hair and give them a deep smooch. The tightness of the grip should deliver him that message that you are so much into it.


There are good possibilities that you might have seen them in many porn sites. If you are thinking about rough sex, this is definitely the ultimate way of having that experience. It is a practice which involves restraints, slapping, spanking and a lot of other unusual activities. Before getting into it, you should know that it is a physically demanding thing, but at the same time, the pleasure that you get is something that cannot be explained in words.

Make things dirty

One of the best ways to have rough sex is to get as dirty as possible. Both the partners should let go of all kinds of fear and hesitation. Even if you feel that it is unethical do not let it stop you from having fun. Make it as dirty as possible, and you will see that sex has become a bit rough.